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2019 AAAwards

Given the current status of our club, AAF Acadiana will not host a local competition for the American Advertising Awards this year. We understand this is disappointing news to many of you. But a competition of this size and status takes a committee of dedicated individuals to bring it to life, and that support is currently missing.

Help Bring Back the AAAwards
We encourage anyone who is passionate about Acadiana hosting a local level of the competition again to volunteer for an AAAward committee. Committee members work with the AAAward chair to support the many details that go into planning, such as sponsorship recruitment, collateral creation, judging, and the planning of the awards banquet. With enough effort from our local community, we feel confident the competition can return next year.

Can We Enter Another Local Competition?

Yes. The rules allow our members and students to enter the nearest competition and compete amongst their entrants. For this reason, AAF Baton Rouge will be the only competition that Acadiana will be eligible to compete in. Below are the details for call-for-entries:

Professional Call-for-Entries
• Wednesday, January 9th, 9am-5pm
• Location: BBR Creative – 300 Rue Beauregard, Bldg. I, Lafayette
• Member Fees: $80 Single, $90 Campaign
• Non-member Fees: $145 Single / Campaign (same price)
Professional Rules
Student Call-for-Entries
• Wednesday, January 9th, 9am-5pm
• Location: BBR Creative – 300 Rue Beauregard, Bldg. I, Lafayette
• Member Fees: $25 Single / Campaign (same price)
• Non-member Fees: $35 Single / Campaign (same price)
Student Rules
Student Early Bird Deal: Submit two entries for the price of one!
• Monday, December 10th
• Location: Bring your entries to Jeff Lush or Kevin Hagan by 12pm
• Same member and non-member fees apply


DOWNLOAD: How To Enter BR AAAwards


Important Notes

  • Our newsletter and Facebook page will continue to share all details regarding Acadiana's participation in Baton Rouge's competition.
  • No membership dues were collected by our chapter this year, therefore Lafayette submissions do not qualify for Baton Rouge's discounted member entry fees. This applies to both students and professionals. You may receive discounted entry fees by joining AAF Baton Rouge here.
  • We are supporting our local members and students by offering a Lafayette location for call-for-entries and will handle transporting them to Baton Rouge for judging. The deadlines above do not match AAF Baton Rouge's website, as we have set custom dates in order to get the work to their club. If you prefer to bring your own submissions to Baton Rouge, please follow their call-for-entry information here.
  • Work submitted from Acadiana will not be judged independently. It will compete against all other entries from Baton Rouge.
  • All entrants and winners are welcome to attend the Baton Rouge award gala.

Please feel free to contact our council of past presidents with any questions regarding how to participate in the AAAwards this year by emailing us at